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Come out and try ski orienteering - and maybe even discover some new trails you've never been on at Mt. Mac!

This event is suitable for all levels of orienteering, from beginners to advanced.



12:30 to 1pm Registration for skiers doing Course 3 mass start only

1:15pm Course 3 mass start race

1 to 3pm Registration and individual starts for Courses 1,2 and 3

4pm Course closing time



Course 1 - 2km on beginner level trails

Course 2 - 3-5km including up to intermediate level trails

Course 3 - 7-8km including some expert level trails / Optional mass start at 1:15pm


Cost:  $5 (+ WXCSC day pass or season pass is required)


Course 3 (8.4 km) Mass Start

Sitka Land-Gillis                     43:50
Leif Blake                               54:47
Forest Pearson                      57:32
Darren Holcombe                  65:37
Loreena Dobson                    98:18
Claire Connell                        MP
Maggie-Jane McDonald        MP
Maura Sullivan                      MP
Barbara Scheck                    DNF

Course 1 (2km)

Ruby Dickson                      52:15
Marisol Dickson                   53:48
Rob and Ollie Dickson        57:30

Course 2 (6.0km)

Lara Melnik                        76:17
Georgie Pearson               76:19
Lee Hawking, Darby McIntyre and Owen Munroe 97:29

Course 3 (8.4km)

Carl Turcotte                     83:56

Thanks to the Yukon Orienteering Association and the following volunteers. Afan Jones helped with control placement and setup of the start. Craig Brooks helped with setup registration, and finish results. Loreena Dobson helped with registration.  Elias Sagar for help in brushing the Wall and Brent Langbak for control pickup after the event.

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