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The Air north challenge is an Orienteering challenge happening on Mt McIntyre ski trails all month of February.

Orienteering controls are placed on the trails. Each of them is labeled with a letter and mounted with a punch.

Sign up at the ski Club Chalet, you will receive laminated cards (1, 2 or 3 according to the challenge you picked). Ski the trails, find the right controls for your card and punch.

When your card is full, drop it back at the ski chalet to enter in the draw.

It's a good way to explore new trails

Registration fee are $10 over 12 Years old, $5 for 12 or under and $25 for Family.


Great prizes:  Air North Roundtrip ticket for 1 person, a pair of ski, season pass for 23/24 and more

5 Different challenges

  1. Easy (7 controls)

  2. Intermediate (17 controls)

  3. Advanced (24 controls)

  4. Dog Friendly (6 controls + 2 optional)

  5. Single tracks (Fatbike 8 controls) (snowshoe 4 controls + 4 optional)


  1. Easy: ski All Green and Blue Trails from the map below

  2. Intermediate: On Green and Blue trails as far as Best Chance JCT. Also, you will have to use a short section of another Black trail to access control(s). Be ready for some nice downhills. Don't forget short-cuts and little connectors trails. (Nothing on Skyline, Fraser loop, Ascent or Descent. Good luck.

  3. Advanced: Ski everywhere and you will get them all (nothing on Descent and Copper Haul road).

  4. Dog Friendly: You will have to ski far from the chalet, on a trail that you did not get a chance to ski on last year for the same Air North Challenge, in order to reach one of the optional controls.

  5. Fat bike Hint: Only groomed trail: Collective, Upper Rocky Canyon, Fetish, birch, cancan, porcupine ridge, Two Burn Tree, Aspen for it, Lichen it, Rebirth, Logan's Run, Calypso canyon, 24 HOL, Katimatrail. (not that the trails are groomed by amazing volunteer, usually on weekends) you can check for their grooming report on the trailforks website.



Get the extra card at the chalet for free, ski to the easy controls (green and blue trail on the map below), read the question attached to them and find the answer, memorize all 7 answers and then come the chalet to tell them, in one shot, to one of our staff.

Careful -  you are not allowed to use notes - so take your time. If you get it right you could be entered into another draw for great prizes.

Thanks to Air North, and also Yukon Orienteering Association for helping out with the orienteering equipment.

Easy Challenge Map

air north challenge easy.jpg
download (1).jpg
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