It’s February already, Time for the Air North Challenge

This year we modified a bit the challenge to respect Covid 19 guidelines.

No worries, it’s still orienteering (maybe more than ever). You will still have to ski and find controls on the trails.

What’s new:

  • Using your phone for a touchless Challenge

  • No flags on the trail – you will have to keep track of where you ski

  • No registration needed to participate in the event. Download the app, do your best, get on your skis, and come by the end of the month to put your name in the draw.

How does it work?

  1. Download the app UsynligO on your phone

  2. Find the event called: Ski-O Mount Mac -  WCCSC Manager’s  Challenge

  3. Make sure your phone’s GPS is on and put the sound at the maximum.

  4. Click on “Start Running” (skiing) and find the controls on the trail – There is no flags on the trails this year but you can see where are the controls on the map in the app. Orienteering map or Google map your choice.

  5. Go on the bridge to test your system. Point 23 is on it. Your phone should catch the point while skiing and ring. for the Youth challenge, the test point is Olympic trail meet skookum, by the end of the Mt mac Parking lot.

  6. The real start point is in front of the chalet. The App will stop by itself after your ski if you come back to the chalet. If not, don’t forget to click on “stop running”. No worries, you can restart the course anytime and the app will save the points already found.

  7. You can check-in “my races” how many points you found. When you found every control of your challenge, comes to the ski shop and pay the registration fee if you want to get into the draw. The grand prize this year is still a round trip for 2 persons with Air North Whitehorse/Vancouver.

2 different Challenges:

  • WCCSC Manager's challenge (21 controls or 6 dog-friendly ones)

  • Youth WCCSC Manager's challenge (10 controls: not the same as the 1st challenge).


We will have few categories:


- The Air North round trip will be drawn out of the Dog friendly or 23 controls challenge. We will have in this draw also an adult membership and gift card.

- The Youth Challenge will have a Youth membership and gift card

- We may have something for the faster time. To get into this category you will have to share your time online.


When you found every control of your challenge, come to the chalet to put your name into the draw.


GREAT IDEA but how I will keep my phone warm and alive? Carrying your phone with you while skiing is always recommended as an emergency device. Here are some tips to keep it warm.

  1. Make sure your battery is fully charged before your ski

  2. Keep it close to your body

  3. Close as many Apps as possible (keep only UsynligO open)

  4. Put your phone in wool socks, ….

  5. Consider using a hand warmer (ideally a reusable one).

Tips for the challenge:

  1. Nothing past Best Chance Junction (nothing on Skyline, Ascent, Descent, Mordor, Copper haul road or Fraser loop.

  2. 2 challenges are now available. Manager challenge and Youth Manager challenge. You can run them at the same time on the same phone. You have to turn them both ON manually.

  3. The app doesn’t use the internet while on the trail (only your GPS) but does require internet to load the app and map prior to your ski. At home, if you don’t have data with your planAt the chalet or any parking lot if you have data (if you choose to public your time, the app will be using your data while skiing).

  4. You don’t want to log out from the app or will have to do the challenge all over again.

  5. You have to turn ON the app each time you go skiing. The start and finish point of the race is set in front of the chalet. If you turn on the app inside the chalet, make sure you because the App might think you are already done for the day and turn OFF by itself. To play it safe, (if you start at the chalet) chooses automatic start, and the app should start by itself when outside the chalet. (You should hear a race start sound. Few bips in a raw).

  6. The app is working with your phone’s GPS. If we have some overcast weather, snow, … the phone might not catch the point. Try to ski slowly around a point location to make sure you catch it.

  7. We have a first-person who completed the challenge and got all controls. You should be able to get all controls from the trail. Sometimes due to the accuracy of the GPS, maybe slow down or move from one side of the trail to the other to catch the point.

unnamed (1).jpg

Thanks to Air North and  Icycle Sports for the Prizes, and also Colin Abbott and Yukon Orienteering Association for sharing their knowledge about the touchless orienteering course.

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