Brian is a high performance triathlete, claiming the Long Lake Triathlon top tittle 2 years in a row.  Which also happens to be his entire triathlon career.  As luck has it he’s also an awesome ski coach and all around great guy.

Head Coach for Lynx and Junior Development Program (JDP)

Brian Horton

Logan Potter.jpg

Logan doesn't ski for fun very often, but when he does, he does it wearing mink fir long underwear.

JDP Coach

Logan Potter

7770 Fran Nyman.jpg

Rhymes with Jan. Fran is super awesome and has an electric car. How cool is that, eh?

JDP Coach

Fran Nyman

8003 Leyla Weston.jpg

By day, she's a mild mannered geologist. By night, one of the finest, funniest, and most lively coaches you'll ever find.

JDP Coach

Leyla Weston

7548 Michael Abbott.JPG

Michael makes mountain biking down vertical cliff faces look like a walk in the park.

JDP Caoch

Michael Abbott


Emilie is renowned in Canmore for that time she did that thing with the skis...on one leg...while reciting the complete works of Shakespeare.

JDP Coach

Emilie Stewart-Jones

7103 Jan Downing.JPG

Rhymes with Fran. Jan's steely gaze is the stuff of legend; known to have struck terror into the hearts of all Nakertok skiers - for almost 5 seconds.

JDP Coach

Jan Downing

7435 Zoe Braul.JPG

I once saw Zoe riding down the stairs backwards on a unicycle while juggling chainsaws. I'd show you a picture, but I had my finger over the camera lens.

JDP Coach

Zoe Braul

7504 Kyle Power.jpg

Carved out of stone and held together with bits of willow, Kyle is the kind of tough you don't want to mess with on the ski trails.  He's terrible at swimming though.

JDP Coach

Kyle Power

7977 Jane Hollenberg.jpg

Jane's smile is one that provides enough power to light a small town

JDP Coach

Jane Hollenberg

7793 Nathalie Dugas.jpeg

While living in Tasmania, Nat created the World's first jackrabbit program for kangaroos.

JDP Coach

Nathalie Dugas

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