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Dan Reimer


Cross Country Ski School

Individual + group Lessons

$80/h one on one

$40/h (per person) group of two

$30/h (per person) groups of 3

$25/h (per person) groups of 4

call 867-334-2015

Candace Dow
NCCP Coach

Interested in X-Country Skiing (Classic), but not sure where to start?    Northern Nomad Outdoors offers beginner classic ski lessons at a convenient time for you. 

~NCCP Community Coach/ Kwanlin Koyotes Ski Coordinator

~Wilderness First Aid and CPR                                            

~$55/pp/1.5 hr $45/pp/1 hr - Group rates available (more than 3)

Northern Nomad Outdoors and Yoga

~ Candace Dow


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Mike Fancie

Whether it's your first time out or you want to level up your technique, Front Country Fitness' cross-country ski program helps people level up both classic and skate skiing with custom lessons tailored to your skiing ability. 


Our ski instructor, Mike Fancie, is a former Canadian Ski Patroller who loves to help folks enjoy the Mount Mac trail network. Mike's certifications include:

  • CANSI Level 2 Nordic Instructor

  • NCCP biathlon gold coach

  • current Emergency Medical Responder first aid certificate

Private lessons: $60 per 60-minute lesson

Small (up to 3 people) groups: $90 per 60-minute lesson


Book ski lessons online: 


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