Yukon Ski Marathon - March 6, 2021

Ski Club Fundraiser


 YSM 2021 operating costs are lower than normal due to Covid19 restrictions. Fees have been reduced for this year only and any profit will be directed to replacement of the 2 Bear Cat skidoos stolen earlier this year. Club insurance will cover half of the replacement cost, leaving a $12,000 shortfall.


The 2021 Yukon Ski Marathon will be a unique event laid out on the ski club trails. There will be specific timed segments for skiers to challenge themselves and create friendly competition with fellow participants. The goal is to have a safe, socially distanced event on the Whitehorse Cross Country Ski trails.


Mandatory practices for 2021

A final decision on hosting this event will be made prior to the registration open date of Feb. 20th.                   For CMOH to approve this event, the following conditions MUST be observed:

  • Do all ski preparation at home. If skis must be waxed at the ski club, please make every effort to do this well in advance of the event, so there is no congestion in the wax room at any time prior to this event.

  • Avoid entering wax room before or after event. If this is necessary, spend as little time as possible in the wax room.

  • Avoid socializing before, during or after the event - either inside or outside. 

  • Race will start and finish in designated areas of the stadium.

  • Wear face covering in stadium - both before start, when starting, when finishing, and after finish.

  • Start Time Windows (10 minute time slots) will be assigned - participants are allowed to enter the stadium only during their Start Time Window.

  • NO Spectators please.

  • No bibs for this event. Participants will use Timing Sticks (see explanation under Race Day Start Procedure.)

Many thanks to all of the WCCSC volunteers and staff who made the Yukon Ski Marathon a memorable event in spite of Covid19 constraints. Creative innovation in the areas of event organization, course & stadium layout, timing & results, and grooming allowed for an event which was safe and fun for participants of all ages and abilities. Well-done everyone!

2021 volunteers:

Grant Abbott, Michelle Baudry, Jim Bell, Claude Chabot, Jay Cherian, Larry Duguay, Pat Egan, Dana Eisinger, Brian Forsyth, Jim Gilpin, Pam Glassby, Stu Hamilton, Beth Hawkings, Jim Hawkings, Sue Johnson, Sandy Johnston, Mike Kramer, David Krug, Joel Luet, Andrew Malloy, Bruce McLean, Jill Pangman, Bill Parry, Jan Polivka, Ben Poudou, Michael Ross, Stephie Saal, Tim Sellars, Kirstie Simpson, Susan Tinevez, Jan Tulloch, Don White

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