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Club History

The ski club, with the financial support of the Yukon Historic Resources Fund, has been combing the files and interviewing key ski community members over the past year to compile a concise history of Nordic skiing in Whitehorse.

The summary put together by local historian (and ski club member) Glenn Iceton is presented in seven chapters, although it will be added to as the club continues to grow and evolve.

Enjoy reading about our history; let us know if we’ve missed anything (as no doubt we have), or if you have any interesting anecdotes or facts to add.

Early Ski Tracks in Whitehorse

Cross country skiing’s humble beginnings in the Yukon.
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The World Cup and the Formation of the WCCSC

As the 1970s came to a close, there were major developments afoot in Whitehorse’s cross country skiing community – some of which played out on an international stage.
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The Chalet – From White Elephant to Community Centre

As the excitement of the World Cup faded, the WCCSC had a monstrous piece of real estate to finance and – naturally – the club was more interested in skiing than property management.
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Major Competitions

While the World Cup was without a doubt the most internationally significant event hosted by the WCCSC, through the years it hosted a number of significant competitions.
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The Ski Trails

While the WCCSC has 85 kilometers of ski trails today, the trail system started out as a humble three kilometers loop – a loop that no longer exists, but has since been replaced by a series of baseball diamonds, a correctional facility, and a college.
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Ski Club Operations

Since its creation in 1980, the WCCSC has experienced significant growth.
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Notable People

Throughout its history, the WCCSC has seen many notable people contribute to the building and shaping of the club, and to skiing in the Yukon in general.
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