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Baby Glider Rental

The ski club has 5 baby glider pulks.

3 of them have 3 point harness and are best for infant.

another one has an only shoulders strap and the last one has only a hip belt. The one with hip belt is preferred for a 1-year-old or older. A baby may slide down the pulk while skiing.

These pulks have a lot of use this year and we set up an online booking system to facilitate customers and staff.

The booking time is for 3h00 to make sure everybody will have a chance to use them. Make sure you come back in time, please.

We know that the best time to ski with your child or infant is during his/her nap and every one of them has a different schedule but ideally, we would have the pulk out around 10 am and out again 1 pm.


- Follow the link below to book your pulk

- Payment will have to be done at the shop when you will pick up the pulk.

- Please don't overbook the pulk, to make sure every family has a chance to ski with their children.

Baby Pulk seasonal rental is available for $100 at the ski chalet.


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