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COVID 19 Ski Club Measures

Ministerial orders accesible below

We would like to share with members and trail users how the club will operate with the new COVID-19 emergency measures being implemented by Yukon government on Saturday, November 13, 2021. 


These orders are emergency measures put in place to address the recent surge in cases of COVID-19 in Yukon which threatens to overwhelm our health care system. 


Following the orders is not optional for members, users, staff or the club. The orders are now the law. The orders are temporary and may change if the case count begins to decline. We will keep members up to date regarding any changes that Yukon government might make and how this affects how we operate.


Some of the specific requirements affecting the ski club are:


Proof of  Vaccination:  If you’re 12 years of age or older, you must have proof that you’ve received 2 doses of the COVID-19 vaccination to enter the Chale or to participate in a ski club program, lesson or event, either indoors or outdoors.


You cannot enter the Chalet or participate in a lesson, program or organized event (something you need to sign up for that involves people gathering together) if you’ve had only 1 dose or are unvaccinated.   


Individuals will be required to show the paper or digital copy of their Yukon proof of vaccination credential (PVC), proof from another province or territory, or proof they used to enter Canada, as well as a piece of government-issued photo identification.  For youth aged 12 – 18, government-issued identification will need to be shown but will not require a photo. The club will require the PVC with the QR code and will not accept the “record of vaccination” cards you received when being vaccinated.


The club will not retain this information. If you choose, you will be able to consent in writing when showing your proof of vaccination that the club can keep your name and a notation that your proof of vaccination has been verified. This means that you will not need to show you proof of vaccination more than once. This information will be securely stored, will not be shared and will be destroyed when the emergency order is no longer in effect.


You can request your proof of vaccination credential online at or on the phone via the COVID-19 InfoLine at 1-877-374-0425, seven days a week, 7:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. 


Occupancy Limits of Chalet. The occupancy limit for the Chalet will be 25 people, including staff. We ask members to keep their visits to the Chalet brief and to use the Chalet only when necessary, such as to pick up skis, wax skis, buy a pass, use the change rooms or to quickly warm up. Please do not use the Chalet to socialize or to have meals/drinks.


Mask Wearing:  Anyone aged 5 and over will need to wear a mask in the Chalet, including in the change rooms. Parents of young children are responsible for ensuring their children wear masks. Masks must cover the mouth and nose at all times. A bandanna, buff or scarf is not considered to be a mask.  The only exception to this is when you are actively engaged in an activity that cannot reasonably be done while wearing a mask such as high-intensity sports, while eating or drinking or taking a shower. We ask members and users to refrain from using the Ski Chalet or the huts for eating and drinking and to do their socializing outdoors. Under the Order, mask use is required outdoors when people cannot maintain a distance of two meters, unless they are engaged in a high intensity activity like skiing.


Personal gathering limits: In cases where all individuals who are eligible for vaccination have been vaccinated, no more than 10  individuals from a maximum of two households can gather in a personal gathering in a public place. The Chalet, the hotwax room and the huts are public places. If any eligible individuals are unvaccinated or have only one dose, indoor and outdoor personal gatherings are limited to members of that household only. Members should not use the Chalet for personal gatherings or for meals, having coffee etc.


Organized sports and events for people 12 years of age or older


Anyone participating in an organized ski club program, lesson or event, indoors or outdoors, will need to provide proof they have received two doses of COVID-19 vaccination. The indoor capacity limit for these events is 25 people, or the occupancy limit of the space, whichever is less. The outdoor capacity limit for events is 50 people. This means that a maximum of 25 people can be in the Chalet at any one time, whether or not they are participating in the program, event or lessons and a maximum of 50 people can gather at a ski club outdoor program, lesson or event. During organized sports, masks must be worn indoors at all times and also outdoors, when people cannot maintain 2 meters of physical distance from each other. Masks can be removed however when engaged in high intensity physical activity such as skiing, even if the distance is less than 2 meters. The ski club strongly encourages participants and volunteers at our organized programs, lessons and events to wear masks outdoors as much as possible unless doing so is not possible because they are skiing.


Sports and activities for children 11 years old and younger


Since children 11 and younger cannot be vaccinated, the proof of vaccination requirement does not apply to them. One parent who is unvaccinated (no vaccination or one dose) can accompany a child participating in a lesson, class or event where their participation is required for the child’s participation. Note that the ski club has a policy requiring all staff, including volunteer coaches, to be vaccinated. The same indoor and outdoor capacity limits will apply to these sports as to sports for those aged 12 and over. The exception for one unvaccinated parent who is required to accompany a child does not exempt the parent or the child from wearing a mask.


In addition to the Order, the club is requiring all its staff, paid and volunteer coaches and volunteer ski patrollers to be vaccinated.


We are still working on the specific details of the operation plan, but in the meantime please keep practicing the safe 6 and please try to limit your use of the Chalet or hot wax room.  


If you are not comfortable coming into the chalet to get your membership card, please send an email to to arrange another way of doing it.


Daypasses are available for sale online on the ski club website.


Trails are the most important piece of our operation, so let's all hope for more snow to be able to put the skis on.


Thank you for your support!

Ski club staff

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