COVID 19 Ski Club Measures

We are really pleased to announce that we are able to keep most of our service open for this coming season.

To do so, we decided to require Face Mask in the wax room.

  • Hand sanitizing station mandatory at the entrance.

  • The wax room will be set up to keep physical distance

  • Entering in the waxroom will be through one of the 2 doors next to the new Hot Wax Hut. 2 Exits will be in place. One through the other double door next to the entry and the other one the single door next to the stairs for Day pass buyers and rentals

  • Change rooms will be available for changing only. No access to the showers or Sauna.

  • Cubies will be available but little space available. We recommend to bring only what's necessary and use your locker if you have one to store your clothing. A system of Sanitized Bin will be available but PLEASE, reduce the amount of gear your are bringing to the club.

  • All lockers will be accessible.

  • Kick wax benches will be available and user will have to sanitized them before and after use.

  • Hot Waxing Hut will be available (without booking a time slot). We will only have 4 wax benches in it for the winter instead of 5. First come first serve.

  • All tables, chairs and couches will be removed. The waxroom could not be used as socializing space this year.

  • Athletes registered for any programs (Squads or Clubs programs) should arrive as prepared as possible and minimize their time in the wax room. It will not be available as a hangout area before and after practices.

  • While on the trail, we will still requesting skiers to keep physical distancing and follow YCMOH recommendations.

  • Harvey's Hut, Valley Ridge Memorial Hut and Sarah Steele Hut will stay closed for the season. The outside fire pits and benches will stay accessible, but we ask Skiers to follow Yukon Guidelines when gathering there.

Any of these measures can be reassessed and modified at any time during the season.