Stantec Lynx Program


 Our last Lynx session happened!

 Thank you all for participating and your involvement!

Thanks to all the coaches Nick, Wendy, Charlene, Candace, Rebecca, Johanna, Liam, and Fabien!

We hope we'll see you next year! Any feedback you would like to share with us, feel free to contact me!

Next registrations should start end of September! Keep an eye open!

Have a good end of Winter and a wonderful Summer!

Any questions, please email us at raphe.xcskiwhitehorse@gmail.com. Thanks! Raphe.



Lynx squad is for young skiers aged 8 to 12 y.o who wish to improve their overall cross-country ski skills and share funs moments in a group environment. 

Cross Country skiing is a sport that anyone can learn and enjoy. It promotes a healthy lifestyle, develops friendships and is an activity that people can enjoy throughout their life.

This will be a multi-week program with the emphasis on improving the skiers’ classic ski skills and will also introduce and improve skate skiing.

The aim is to establish a fun program that will enhance the skiers’ enjoyment of the sport and increase their overall ski skills. Sessions will have a base element of skill instruction as well as plenty of time simply skiing with the group but will also make use of games and drills to enhance learning, improve fitness and enjoyment. While we will encourage Lynx Squad skiers to enter races or events if they are interested, this is not a racing group and is not intended to train skiers to race.

If you would like to arrange a seasonal rental of equipment for use for the Lynx Program this season, please visit us at the Ski Club before November 22, so we can fit your child for their boots, skis and poles for the season.  Seasonal Rental Packages are $100 for the Lynx Program


Age Group: 8-12

Date: Starts in November (weather permitting) Runs Every Wednesday 4:30-6:00

Fee: $190

Important Information

WCCSC membership is required Equipment rental, snacks or refreshments, entry fees for WCCSC or CCY sponsored races or events are not included in the price. CAN'T AFFORD THE PROGRAM? Here are a couple of options for financial assistance. KRF - Kid's Rec Fund is administered through Sport Yukon. Funding can be used for Junior club membership, season rental for ski equipment and program fees. Jumpstart - Canadian Tire provides funding for children to participate in cross country skiing. Funding can be used for rentals, membership and program fees.